Welcome to Restoration Children’s Ministry

To provide a biblical knowledge of God, in order to lead the children into a deeper and stronger relationship with Jesus..
  1. Setting in place priorities on the teaching and reading of God’s word.
  2. Developing a lifestyle of praying in order to grow in relationship and knowledge of Jesus, and to see faith established in the hearts of CEC kids.
  3. Encouraging scripture memorization and learning the books of the Bible. We allow the 3rd-5th to look up their scriptures so they can learn to look up scriptures and read the Bible as it pertains to their life.
  4. We pray over the kids and also have them pray for themselves and one another. We teach them about taking their time to listen to the Holy Spirit.
  1. Bible Literacy – Equip children with the fundamentals they need to find and read scripture in the Bible. Encouraging on scripture memorization so that it is written on their hearts, learning the books of the Bible and reading the Word out loud.
  2. Prayer – Teach principles about enjoyable prayer that assist children in developing dialogue and communion with God. We teach how the Holy Spirit speaks to every individual in different ways. We encourage them to take their time, listen, receive and pray. Prayer is simple communication with the Father and it’s not intimidating.
  3. Praise and Worship – Providing opportunity through worship where all children can express their love for God and receive His love for them. We embrace worship as a church body but also provide time at the end of class for a time of worship. Here the children receive prayer and are able to express themselves through worship.
  4. Ministry – Supporting children to engage with the Holy Spirit with the priority of developing gifts and in those gifts, serving God and each other. In 1 Corinthians 12:8-11 talks about the different gifts given by the Holy Spirit which are Wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, ability to speak in different types of languages and to others the ability to interpret. All of the gifts come from a place of prayer. We believe incorporating prayer in our curriculum so that gifts may be developed in these little ones. In verse 11 it says “All the gifts are produced by one and the same spirit. He gives gifts to each person, just as He decides.” Our heart is to come along side the Holy Spirit and encourage the work He is doing in their hearts.

Sunday Morning

All children attend worship with their parents and are dismissed after worship (11:00am ) to go next door to the Children’s building.

Class Breakdown

  • Nursery- This is for any infants and toddlers up to 2 yrs of age. This is located in the same building as the main sanctuary.

We  offer 3 other classes for Toddlers 3yrs of age to 5th Grade.

  • Toddler Class (3yr-4yrs)
  • 5yr-2nd Grade
  • 3rd- 5th Grade


  • Youth Class – This is a combined class for all Middle School/ High School Class and meets every Sunday!