Worshiping the King


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    Freda Whisman says

    I am so enjoying this teaching. However not sure how to prints the outline.
    Thank you in advance for helping me.
    Happy Thanksgiving to my church family.

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      Tanner Dicamillo says

      Hi Freda,
      There is a small icon in the right-hand corner of the box where the sermon is you are listening to. It looks sort of like a Bible. Click on that icon to download the notes. Blessings, Mark Thompson

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    Lisa Quiller says

    For some reason, I can’t get this weeks outline to download or print. Is there something I need to do differently? I haven’t had any problems with any others.
    Thanks, Lisa <

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      Tanner Dicamillo says

      I just tried it from my IPad and school computer. It works both times!?! I’ll email you a copy directly to your email.

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