Looking to Jesus in a Crisis

Jim Stern from Destiny Church in St. Louis encourages us in how to respond to crisis.


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    Stephen Clarke says

    Dear Jim Stern: I really liked your remarks today. Yes; our ‘enemies’ are the ones who will tell us things our friends won’t. So, are they really enemies? Etc., etc., etc. I was with you all the way. Until you made, what seemed to me to be a disparaging remark about the “protest culture” which you have definitely experienced first hand in St. Louis. I mean, if they aren’t telling us something about us then we aren’t listening. White Christians have a huge moral burden regarding the racism and genocide upon which this country was founded and for which they – we – were the big cheerleaders and sanctifiers and we have lost the moral authority to criticize. I submit that blaming the victim in this case – if that is what it was; if not please excuse me – constitutes a big blind spot in the otherwise spot on message you brought to this congregation. I think its long overdue for Christian ministers and congregations to repent for our leading part in normalizing what is one of the most unchristian episodes in our national history. A little more humility before the results of our false ideologies would seem to be in order. I won’t dispute the small-scale details of what happened and when or how or who did what to whom in your neck of the woods recently but centuries of pentup abuse and rage are going to make themselves felt at some point and who is going to take responsibility for that? I don’t think Jesus saves us from accountablity. Best Regards and I hope that some did get the message!

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